Choices: what’s yours?

The way I see it, and correct me if I’m wrong, you always have 2 choices (if not, more). The left or the right turn?

You can choose to be grateful for the things you have or complain about not having enough.
You can choose to be happy for the people around you or complain about the human crowd. (Think post-apocalypse movies)
You can choose to look at the little things or complain about the everything that goes wrong.
You can choose to be caring and sharing, in terms of money, space, time, etc, or be a Scrooge (even he changes after a series of visits from the ghosts).
You can choose to smile or show a sulky frown.
You can choose to listen to others’ negativity or those that actually help you up.

I could go on but you probably get the picture, so I’ll stop for now. Never forget you have a choice to be happy.

Be kind to one another 🙂 x


So, I lost my house key yesterday…

On my newly “daily” evening runs (yes, I’d say I’m proud of myself for dragging my butt out for a good workout after exhausted days due to work), I lost my house key on the way. I just put it inside my phone cover (those rubber ones), and only realized that it had slipped out of the opening at the bottom.

Now, bare with me. It’s just funny…? I guess? Probably?

Upon realizing once I finished my run, I was pretty devastated I couldn’t take the short cut home but to retrace my whole path, scanning the floor like a robot for any sign of the key. It was quite funny, with my brain being torn up in two sides: Side A – Give it up cos you’re never gonna find it in darkness, Side B – There’s still a 50/50 chance you can find it till you reach home.
It was amusing actually talking to myself, which happens more than I like it to. It’s a battle of the fittest within my mind. Who needs the debate team? I have an in-built one!

Walking home with my head down, scanning like an electro magnetic force, waiting for a beep-beep-beep sound…all the way home. Did I find it? No. But it got me to think how can people look down for so long? How can people be so pessimistic about life? Sure, we have ups and downs, but if you actually look up instead of trying to find something that may or may not exist (anymore), you’d be shocked to see the possibilities of things that COULD and SHOULD happen.

I felt like I was growing older by 10 years keeping my head down for that 40 min walk home, mainly because I love looking at the stars and things around.

Gotta keep your head up, oh-oh!

Be kind to one another 🙂 x


Even the strongest needs a break.

I won’t deny the fact that despite how strong I think I am, there are and will be times that I’d break down, think about the past and asks questions like “what if…?” We’re all been through that. It’s one of the reasons why I keep stressing on looking past the cover of people, and stop judging.

For those who are still thinking about their exes, or underwent a recent breakup…be strong. One of the quotes that I always keep in mind when I start missing my ex is from Eat, Pray, Love. It goes something like this (not word for word cos I just remember the gist of it), “It’s ok to miss him/ her. Embrace the feeling when it arises. Miss him/ her, smile about the good times you had, and then, move on. And every time that feeling comes up, embrace it. There’s no fault in that. Remember the hurt too and why it ended, and move on.”
Well, that’s the gist of it…I added a few things to it too. Hah! I’m just going with the flow.

Moral of my story: it’s ok to feel shitty, it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to be angry BUT just don’t let it run your life.
Let happiness and positive vibes in.
We are all humans. We make mistakes. What sets us apart is that we have the ability to learn from it. Never stop learning. And smiling, cos well, nothing is more sexier than someone with a genuine smile.

Be kind to one another 🙂 x