Review: The Phantom of the Opera

Oh. My. Dear. Lord. It was soooooooooo goood!! Well, I have no other performances of this brilliant musical to compare with as it was my first time watching it on stage. The Phantom of the Opera has been my favourite musical since I was a child, after watching it on TV. I remember wearing my mum’s white dress and singing to the mirror “The Phantom of the Opera” while combing my hair. In fact, I was so much in love with it that the soundtrack CD was blasted on my speakers almost every day.

The Phantom of the Opera was held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore this time. Despite the smaller stage compared to that of Esplanade (where it was previously shown), it was still a breathtaking set. Like I said before, I don’t have anything to compare it with except for my friends’ comments. Nonetheless, like always, I am super excited for musicals and just feeling the energy of the crowd always makes it more fun. To be seated early and capturing moments with my friend, to admiring the details of the set (The Phantom of the Opera has one of the most beautiful sets I’ve seen so far)…just breathtaking.

When it started, all I got was the jitters. Good jitters. The cast did it so spectacularly! There were times when I didn’t understand a word cos of the thick accent of the Senora and the Indian dude, but their actions were hilarious. But boy, the Senora is loud! It was hard concentrating on other parts when they did a mash-up of sorts for a scene as she pretty much stole the song. And my brain went blank for those few minutes.

I couldn’t stop smiling when “The Phantom of the Opera” started. Despite having some of the Phantom’s parts lower than the original key, it still brought goosebumps to me, especially when Christine sang the last bit of the song, hitting the extremely high notes.

However, I would say that “All I Ask Of You” really stole the show for me. Oh, and it also makes a very good song for a wedding. Haha! I was almost to tears hearing them perform that item. Here’s the video from the movie starring Gerard Butler (Phantom/Erik), Patrick Wilson (Raoul) and Emmy Rossum (Christine):

Of course, I have to add something about “Masquerade”! The colourful outfits and again, breathtaking details of the set to the dancers – everything was just spectacular.

Not forgetting, the heartbreaking scene where The Phantom almost kills Raoul if Christine doesn’t marry him, and when she wants to just to save Raoul’s life, he lets her go. Gosh, that scene was just bursting with so much raw emotions that even my stomach felt it.

Simply a standing ovation worthy performance. The entire cast did everything so effortlessly and really made me fall in love with it again. I would gladly watch it on a bigger stage next time – maybe in Albert Hall, perhaps? Any sponsors? 😉

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