Of twisted minds and innocent people

This is a rather late review on the movie, but if this drives you to watch it, you can always get the DVD (if it’s out of cinemas wherever you are).

The Frozen Ground has a strong cast – Nicholas Cage (State Trooper Jack Halcombe), John Cusack (Robert C. Hansen) and Vanessa Hudgens (Cindy Paulson). I’d be honest and say that the main reason as to why I wanted to watch this movie so badly was to see John Cusack being the bad guy. Seeing him only in a few movies such as 2012, Serendipity and Say Anything…, it was a thrill to see someone whom I associated with always being the lover/ good guy to take a drastic role change.

So, the movie is set in Alaska, about a serial killer (Robert C. Hansen) who goes unnoticed for 13 years. Why? Cos he’s painted a perfect picture of being the family man with no issues. Well, isn’t that how psychopaths do it? We only see what we want to see, which is, most of the time, just the surface.

Cindy Paulson is a junkie who is the only link to solving this case, as she’s the only one that managed to survive his captivity. Time is running out, and cops don’t quite believe her story for what she is. That’s when Sgt. Jack Halcombe comes in. As winter is about to come, making the ground frozen, they have to pursue the case of finding evidences on his victims’ bodies which he has nicely disposed off on a deserted island.

The movie, as interesting as it is, with its little bits of realization that human kind is just basically screwed, yet some faith in humanity can be restored, was a bit draggy. There were parts that were unnecessary but I guess that the whole point of that was for the viewers to go through a similar experience of how hard it was to solve the case.

LeJobless’ rating: 6.5/ 10

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