Blues for the Monday.

Everyone goes through it, sometimes more than 1 day per week. Yup, even me. But how you change your perspective is all it takes. It can be tough, it will be tough – but don’t let those inner demons get the best of you. You’re stronger than that.

Try this small, but proven trick. Every morning, no matter how good or bad you slept, smile. Smile even when there’s nothing to smile about (obviously, there are and will always be reasons to smile but excuse the morning brain). Smile because you get to live and love for one more day. Say a prayer to thank God or the universe for giving you this day.

It will be tough for the first few days, but isn’t everything? Does that mean we ought to quit when the going gets tough, or do the tough get going? Which would you rather be?

Or you can go to for another trick. It makes a wonderful present too!

Another alternative, is of course, to write down the simple things that make you happy in your organizer/ calendar/ journal.

You can do it. You know you can, and I know you can too.

Be kind to one another 🙂 x


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