On the 21st September, it has been called Peace Day. A day of non-violence, forgiveness and acceptance. A day that should be more than just one day, but also holds hope for a better, non-violent future for the young if they know this is possible.

As a start, who would you want to apologize to? Who would you want to make peace with today? It doesn’t matter if you’ve been wronged, if it wasn’t your fault. All that matters is that you let go of that hurt and hatred, forgive and accept forgiveness. Love. Move on. Life is far more important than to live with a burden in our hearts.

I seek forgiveness for my wrongdoings and for the times that I let my emotions get over my head, covering up my better judgements.

Seek peace with yourself and others today.

To find out more about Peace Day, click on this link: Today is #PeaceDay

Love & Peace.


Christmas Edition: To Be Thankful For

Counting down to Christmas, there is nothing more exciting than that for me. It’s the biggest celebration my family and I celebrate for the year. Close friends and family come over for a meal, exchange of gifts and endless laughter surrounds the house. Bygones be bygones, letting nothing but happiness set in.

The smell of mum’s famous dishes is the welcoming smell as people slowly flood in, making mouths water with hunger. Christmas carols playing in the background, the clinking of wine glasses as we make cheer. Ahh…Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year.

So, with that said, let’s take some time to be thankful, once again. Not to mention, to also remember those lost in the tragedies that happened over the year, and their families.

It only takes one smile to make a difference, a change of heart, someone to feel visible.

This Christmas, I wish everyone a peaceful mind and heart. Let us spread the cheer and happiness beyond our social network, to the strangers on the streets. Be thankful for what you have been blessed with. You are blessed.

Love & Peace.


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Love & Peace.


Media in Focus.

Following up with my previous post of Colbie Caillat’s music video, has it changed our views on ourselves yet? It certainly has for me. To begin with, I hate wearing too much make up. The most I put is just foundation powder and a glossy lip gloss on for the day. I know some, or most of us, are used to wearing make up on a daily basis that stopping seems impossible as it’s already a ritual of sorts. But when you dig in to the root of why you even started caking yourself, was it peer pressure? Was it cos media says that make up makes you beautiful, and without it, you’re not worth it?

Take note of how fashion magazines portray the “natural look”. What’s so natural when you’re still applying layers of make up to look polished? Contradictory? I think so.

I stress, again, how media has a bigger hold on us than we think. It’s constantly saying “Hey, if you don’t have this, you won’t be good/ beautiful/ fast, etc.” But then again, can we do without media? No. Yet, it doesn’t mean you get brainwashed just by what media portrays beauty to be.

And people out there, beauty is not defined by face or clothes’ value, but by that genuine smile, that tinkle in your eyes, the soft touch from your heart.


Love & Peace 🙂 x


Sometimes And Always.

It’s hard being a writer. It’s not always easy to have ideas every time and it’s annoying when you think you have something to say but when you’re about to pen it down, your mind wipes blank. But then again, this is my pride. This is my soul I give to you, with every post. I didn’t mean to have so many followers when I started this, and for all of you, I’m eternally grateful.

Now, the best way to feel good about yourself is actually simpler than what we know or think. The fact is you’ve probably heard it a million times too.

Move away from negative people. Stop stressing over the little things. Don’t overthink. Exercise. Be thankful.

The list goes on, really. And I’m gonna say just that. All of the above are true and exactly what you should be doing daily. We’re fast growing into a robot-like world where everyone is tied up to a phone or tablet (I’m guilty as I’m typing this post out on my phone while on my way home), but why has that stopped us from living life and being happy with ourselves?

I shall end with a quote by someone famous, whom I can’t remember the name of (I’m sincerely sorry),

Don’t live to exist. Exist to live.

P/s: If you know who said this, please let me know! Thank you!

Love & Peace.


I Love Me.

Those are the words you should tell yourself every second, every minute, every day. “I love me”, cos if you don’t, who else will?

I’ve been through a rough few weeks of angst behaviors with all the negative thoughts I keep in my head, mainly from work and family. Recently, I went to Bangkok and it really couldn’t be at a better time. That time away from everything got me to be more grounded within myself. I managed to have some time to myself every morning for meditation and a few minutes of exercise before breakfast, before my travel buddy woke up. I got the luxury of lazing around and not do anything. Yes, I was a bit crazy to bring along some study material but it was always at the same place that I left it till departure – the coffee table. Haha!

Anyway, back to the subject. In times of stress and rush, and especially with all the noise in the world, it’s good to find some quiet time for yourself. Each and every one of us are born differently. There’s no just one type of beauty – which is really not the photoshopped images media portrays everywhere. Begin to love the small things about yourself, perhaps from the way your mouth curves when you smile or the way you laugh or the way your hair is so camera ready (like, where’s the gush of wind when you need it?)…you get the drift. Always starts from the smaller things. Say something nice about yourself to the mirror EVERY DAY.
Hint: It’s also a good way of keeping fit for a longer time. The more confident you are about yourself, the more you’re able to keep out.

And just cos the world could use a bit more love, and a lot less hatred.
Think about it.

Love & Peace.


Hello from Bangkok!

Man, I’ve missed this place. It’s the one place that I know where time comes to a stop. And the people here are genuinely nice and friendly. It’s such a pleasant change to the buzzing city I’m from.

I don’t want to head back but this break will end in 2 days. Gotta make the most of it. Off to get my nails and hair done now! See ya 🙂

Peace & Love.


This is hard for me to say. It’s actually very hard for me to even admit it to myself, but I know I will have to go through this soon.

I’ve so much red on my ledger, caused so much pain to others in my past that sometimes, I feel like it’s pay back time. 
People see me as someone who has self-confidence, always jovial…but what they don’t see are the nights I spend crying myself to sleep, and the pain that I’m quietly suffering with. My demons are growing bigger, leading me to dwell in sadness and anger at times. And it’s normally times like these that it gets hard to smile and see the bright side of life. 

I’m not so open about this, but I do regret some of my past choices – we all do – but one more so than anything else. It still hurts to think if I caused so much pain to that person? Am I where I am for that bad choice? It was a relationship not meant to be, but at the same time, it was something that was precious. Was it the way it ended that I am dealt with the cards as such, now? It’s been almost 5 years now, and the pain still hurts me to date.

At nights, I feel lonely and all out of love to give. With a house filled with nothing but silence and anger, what was once my sanctuary became my cage. I find myself questioning when will I get my break? 

There’s also the constant realization that I’m getting no where closer to my dream. In fact, I just don’t know where to start. I’m 24. They say I’m still young, but when you’re so far off the tracks of your dream, it’s just a winding tunnel and right now, I’m on a standstill. 

I feel like I’m undergoing depression, or just really low self-worth now. I don’t know. All I can feel is sadness within and sometimes, it’s not enough to hide it with smiles and laughter. It’s been hard to write positive notes for a while, and I’m only human. But, hey, nothing time can’t heal…

My problems are not as big as others, but for those that feel the same out there, you’re not alone. 
We’ll make it through.

Love & peace.