Every morning, I will tell myself to breath. Not simply for the sake of living, but breath so that it goes through my whole body. Fill it up.

I will tell myself to exhale slowly. Not simply for the sake of making it a full cycle, but to let the toxic thoughts out. Let it out. 

Just like breathing, I will tell myself to smile.

And with that hope, it will get easier as days go by so I won’t have to remind myself every time. 

Love & Hope.


Make 2015 awesome!

2014 was legendary in so many ways. However, let’s not forget those that have been caught in disasters last year – ebola, abducted nigerian girls, plane crashes, hurricanes, floods, shootings, etc.
Let 2015 teach us how to be more humble, be grateful for what we have, be generous with our time, love fiercely, think wisely, smile more, not to discrimate, live life, stress less.


What Now.

Love is a silly thing.
It’s the only thing that can bring you so much joy and yet, so much pain.
It can tear down walls or make you crumble into pieces.
It can make you whole or leave an aching pain in your heart.

But we all crave for it.

It’s a beautiful thing nonetheless.
Nothing quite so perfect as love.
With it comes trust and loyalty –
The building blocks of life.

Yes, we all crave for it.
Stop lying to yourself, child,
If you say you don’t.

Feel the embrace of a warm hug in the midst of a cold night.
Relive the memories of the good times once shared.
For there’s nothing that corrupts love more than an unforgiving heart.

Love – it’s a beautiful thing.
It’s your time to spread it around.

Peace & Love.


Media in Focus.

Following up with my previous post of Colbie Caillat’s music video, has it changed our views on ourselves yet? It certainly has for me. To begin with, I hate wearing too much make up. The most I put is just foundation powder and a glossy lip gloss on for the day. I know some, or most of us, are used to wearing make up on a daily basis that stopping seems impossible as it’s already a ritual of sorts. But when you dig in to the root of why you even started caking yourself, was it peer pressure? Was it cos media says that make up makes you beautiful, and without it, you’re not worth it?

Take note of how fashion magazines portray the “natural look”. What’s so natural when you’re still applying layers of make up to look polished? Contradictory? I think so.

I stress, again, how media has a bigger hold on us than we think. It’s constantly saying “Hey, if you don’t have this, you won’t be good/ beautiful/ fast, etc.” But then again, can we do without media? No. Yet, it doesn’t mean you get brainwashed just by what media portrays beauty to be.

And people out there, beauty is not defined by face or clothes’ value, but by that genuine smile, that tinkle in your eyes, the soft touch from your heart.


Love & Peace 🙂 x


Smart phones, Dumb people…cont’d

Please do watch the video in my previous post either before or after reading this, if you haven’t or would like to catch it again.

As I’m doing this post up, I’m on my mobile, on my way to work. Not to mention that I’m also plugged in to my music. I’m equally disconnectedly connected to the world around me. But it’s come to my senses that we spend way too much time on our phones and pads, seeking human contact when we could just strike a conversation with the person beside us. Ok, well not now for me as it would seem crazy talking to empty seats, but you get my drift.

Our brains have been wired so badly that it seems like we can’t live without technology now. I went through the years when phones were only used for calling and plain text messaging, when there were always a pay phone around every block (speaking of which, I haven’t seen one in ages). To be honest, if I were to use such a phone now, I think I’d freak at the limited connection now. However, times were more simpler when things were black & white.

Look around you while in a public space. People are just going about their individual lives, scared to connect to strangers. People have not gotten any friendlier but more stressed out. I miss those days when I could walk down a new street and people would greet with a smile. Now, all you see are frowns and wrinkles. Haha!

Honestly, technology is great. I’m pro it, but have we taken it in too much that we have become robots?
It won’t hurt if we started acting like humans again, and that’s all I’m saying.

Do share your thoughts below.

Love & peace.


Even the strongest needs a break.

I won’t deny the fact that despite how strong I think I am, there are and will be times that I’d break down, think about the past and asks questions like “what if…?” We’re all been through that. It’s one of the reasons why I keep stressing on looking past the cover of people, and stop judging.

For those who are still thinking about their exes, or underwent a recent breakup…be strong. One of the quotes that I always keep in mind when I start missing my ex is from Eat, Pray, Love. It goes something like this (not word for word cos I just remember the gist of it), “It’s ok to miss him/ her. Embrace the feeling when it arises. Miss him/ her, smile about the good times you had, and then, move on. And every time that feeling comes up, embrace it. There’s no fault in that. Remember the hurt too and why it ended, and move on.”
Well, that’s the gist of it…I added a few things to it too. Hah! I’m just going with the flow.

Moral of my story: it’s ok to feel shitty, it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to be angry BUT just don’t let it run your life.
Let happiness and positive vibes in.
We are all humans. We make mistakes. What sets us apart is that we have the ability to learn from it. Never stop learning. And smiling, cos well, nothing is more sexier than someone with a genuine smile.

Be kind to one another 🙂 x