So, I lost my house key yesterday…

On my newly “daily” evening runs (yes, I’d say I’m proud of myself for dragging my butt out for a good workout after exhausted days due to work), I lost my house key on the way. I just put it inside my phone cover (those rubber ones), and only realized that it had slipped out of the opening at the bottom.

Now, bare with me. It’s just funny…? I guess? Probably?

Upon realizing once I finished my run, I was pretty devastated I couldn’t take the short cut home but to retrace my whole path, scanning the floor like a robot for any sign of the key. It was quite funny, with my brain being torn up in two sides: Side A – Give it up cos you’re never gonna find it in darkness, Side B – There’s still a 50/50 chance you can find it till you reach home.
It was amusing actually talking to myself, which happens more than I like it to. It’s a battle of the fittest within my mind. Who needs the debate team? I have an in-built one!

Walking home with my head down, scanning like an electro magnetic force, waiting for a beep-beep-beep sound…all the way home. Did I find it? No. But it got me to think how can people look down for so long? How can people be so pessimistic about life? Sure, we have ups and downs, but if you actually look up instead of trying to find something that may or may not exist (anymore), you’d be shocked to see the possibilities of things that COULD and SHOULD happen.

I felt like I was growing older by 10 years keeping my head down for that 40 min walk home, mainly because I love looking at the stars and things around.

Gotta keep your head up, oh-oh!

Be kind to one another 🙂 x


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