The Dream of a Reality that…

It’s been almost a year since my boyfriend and I have been together. We met his parents for the first time yesterday. Aware of everything that was going to happen, I thought “ok, let’s hope for the best. They may change their mind.” 

They didn’t. 

Culturally or societical pressurised, they want him to marry by mid 2017 as we’re both reaching our 30s in a couple years. I don’t want to rush only because we’ve just started to get to know each other. There seemed to be no way out of that, as they only want to fulfill their duties as parents.

The tricky part comes, then. We’re both from 2 different religions, culture and background. His parents expecting me to follow and worship their Gods on top of mine is just not happening. If you’re worried about my parents’ agreeing to this, this double religion is a big No.

What do you when you love someone but parents force you to react otherwise? Like, am I suppose to just grow another heart and break his? I don’t understand why religion is such a big issue here. I go to church, pray, try my best to be a good human – isn’t that all that matters? Why does religion have to be a part of loving and accepting someone? It fucking kills. Can’t you accept mine and I, yours, and just move on without forcing it on the other? Religion DOES NOT make a person good. Your actions do. People just use it as an excuse more than doing shit. 

Ok. I’m tired. Frustrated. And just filled with a ton of hurt and other emotions.

Telling someone that if your mum doesn’t agree or you can’t follow our religion, then we can just be friends is not a solution to anything.

But thanks.

Thanks for saying that our feelings mean shit cos well, religion matters more.

Rant over.

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