The Love You Have.

It only takes one mean remark to make someone crumble.
It takes the same energy to show love, but you get double the energy for it.
So why are people choosing to be mean?

We’re all humans. We will blow up from time to time. What we fail to remember is that everyone has their own problems. Nobody was born with none.

Some problems are just bigger than what we can handle singlehandedly. Does that we should give up? Does that mean we should just go on with our lives and turn a blind eye to them? I hope not.

We fail to realize that despite race, religion, sexual orientation and colour, we’re all the same underneath.

We can be so mean sometimes even when no words are exchanged. From our deathly stares to how we chose to switch seats to acting like “different” people are contagious – why do we prefer to cause hurt to people?

Teaching children with special needs, I’ve heard a few stories of how these kids are dissed in our “normal” world.
Having homosexual friends, I’ve heard of how people act like it’s a disease.
Looking from afar, I’ve seen how construction workers and transgenders have been shunned from society too.

We speak of love for each other – but does that love come with terms and conditions?

Love & Peace.


Stretched Out Thin.

It’s always easy to get so wrapped up in our own problems and worries, and it’s never easy when the ones that matters put more strain on you. Life is such, ain’t it? We have more bumps in the road than a gun has its rounds. Work, love, family, finances – if you really look at it, none of us are really 100% happy. The more we chase for what we think is happiness, the more stressed we get. Cos really, what is happiness?

Last Saturday, after a month plus of being super stretched out, I broke down at work. I began swearing and had to fight tears which were ever ready to stream down like the Niagra Falls. That’s when I knew I needed my alone time, to relish myself. I found bliss in switching off my phone for the entire day, went to one of my favorite restaurants and ordered Eggs Benedict with a nice pot of tea. Got to read my book while waiting, which was such a wonderful experience. Despite being slightly full, I treated myself to a scoop of Belgium chocolate ice cream after (nothing brightens up your mood like ice cream).

Next on my agenda was to get an album from the music store, but really – how can I just get one?! It was such a difficult decision that I decided not to make it for now and left to find a cinema. Now, that was a rather turned off moment of the day. With all the renovations in the malls being done, I had circled a part of the mall so many times that even a hyper kid would get dizzy. With directions given, I walked the distance of what felt like a mini marathon and FINALLY, got to the cinema, made it to a good movie and got my laughs on.

So what is happiness? If you ask me, it’s about being able to be totally independent and confident with yourself. And eating ice cream.
Don’t let your demons (or angels) get the best of you.

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Love & Peace.