Christmas Edition: To Be Thankful For

Counting down to Christmas, there is nothing more exciting than that for me. It’s the biggest celebration my family and I celebrate for the year. Close friends and family come over for a meal, exchange of gifts and endless laughter surrounds the house. Bygones be bygones, letting nothing but happiness set in.

The smell of mum’s famous dishes is the welcoming smell as people slowly flood in, making mouths water with hunger. Christmas carols playing in the background, the clinking of wine glasses as we make cheer. Ahh…Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year.

So, with that said, let’s take some time to be thankful, once again. Not to mention, to also remember those lost in the tragedies that happened over the year, and their families.

It only takes one smile to make a difference, a change of heart, someone to feel visible.

This Christmas, I wish everyone a peaceful mind and heart. Let us spread the cheer and happiness beyond our social network, to the strangers on the streets. Be thankful for what you have been blessed with. You are blessed.

Love & Peace.