Review: The Phantom of the Opera

Oh. My. Dear. Lord. It was soooooooooo goood!! Well, I have no other performances of this brilliant musical to compare with as it was my first time watching it on stage. The Phantom of the Opera has been my favourite musical since I was a child, after watching it on TV. I remember wearing my mum’s white dress and singing to the mirror “The Phantom of the Opera” while combing my hair. In fact, I was so much in love with it that the soundtrack CD was blasted on my speakers almost every day.

The Phantom of the Opera was held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore this time. Despite the smaller stage compared to that of Esplanade (where it was previously shown), it was still a breathtaking set. Like I said before, I don’t have anything to compare it with except for my friends’ comments. Nonetheless, like always, I am super excited for musicals and just feeling the energy of the crowd always makes it more fun. To be seated early and capturing moments with my friend, to admiring the details of the set (The Phantom of the Opera has one of the most beautiful sets I’ve seen so far)…just breathtaking.

When it started, all I got was the jitters. Good jitters. The cast did it so spectacularly! There were times when I didn’t understand a word cos of the thick accent of the Senora and the Indian dude, but their actions were hilarious. But boy, the Senora is loud! It was hard concentrating on other parts when they did a mash-up of sorts for a scene as she pretty much stole the song. And my brain went blank for those few minutes.

I couldn’t stop smiling when “The Phantom of the Opera” started. Despite having some of the Phantom’s parts lower than the original key, it still brought goosebumps to me, especially when Christine sang the last bit of the song, hitting the extremely high notes.

However, I would say that “All I Ask Of You” really stole the show for me. Oh, and it also makes a very good song for a wedding. Haha! I was almost to tears hearing them perform that item. Here’s the video from the movie starring Gerard Butler (Phantom/Erik), Patrick Wilson (Raoul) and Emmy Rossum (Christine):

Of course, I have to add something about “Masquerade”! The colourful outfits and again, breathtaking details of the set to the dancers – everything was just spectacular.

Not forgetting, the heartbreaking scene where The Phantom almost kills Raoul if Christine doesn’t marry him, and when she wants to just to save Raoul’s life, he lets her go. Gosh, that scene was just bursting with so much raw emotions that even my stomach felt it.

Simply a standing ovation worthy performance.Β The entire cast did everything so effortlessly and really made me fall in love with it again. I would gladly watch it on a bigger stage next time – maybe in Albert Hall, perhaps? Any sponsors? πŸ˜‰

Be kind to one another.



Food Review: Sinpopo BRAND

Since my friends and I are East-siders, we decided to take our dinner date out to Katong. Katong has certainly changed a lot over the past years, with the new mixing with the old. With the new mall – i12 Katong (not to mention, housing GV in it is an added advantage), Katong is filled with so much more life now than ever before. There’s still that bit that gives you the vibe of travelling back in time which makes it one of my most loved spots.

Always passing by Sinpopo BRAND on my journeys, I decided we should try it last night. Visually, it was captivating to see a restaurant that incorporated everything old-school, from the design of the pull gates to the tiny details of having biscuit tins and vintage looking posters.

Besides the design of the restaurant, there really isn’t much good things to say though. The menu was pretty limited, but the price point was not bad. Food was affordable, however we all know that that pretty much makes the quality negotiable.

So, we ordered Lemon Barley (which came in a vintage cup), Chicken Curry, John Eh Roti, and Lo Gai Yik (to those that don’t know what it is – it’s something like braised chicken soup). See pictures below!

Only had a taste from the Chicken Curry and Lo Gai Yik so here’s what I have to say – the Chicken Curry was not bad, though it tasted very similar to Toast Box’s Curry Chicken (personally would prefer Toast Box’s though). Lo Gai Yik had a smooth soup with the chicken flavour nicely blended in.

The John Eh Roti, well, I’d say to leave it to the Indian Muslims to make it, honestly. Presentation was boring, with a slice of cucumber stranded on the side of the plate. There was not much meat either, mainly chunks of green pepper and onions. For $5.90, I would have gotten a bigger portion of Roti John from any Indian Muslim sellers.

Lemon Barley never fails though. Loved the fact that there was barley in the drink to munch on too.

Despite the nice atmosphere it has panned out, Sinpopo BRAND has left me disappointed. Maybe if they had more items to sell, I’d come back, but till then, it was an experience to be tried once, Good attempt on bringing back the vintage feel, but I’d settle for Katong Laksa any day.

Sinpopo BRAND can be found at:
458 Joo Chiat Road
6345 5034
Opens 12pm to 10pm (Sun to Thu), 12pm to 12am (Fri, Sat, PH Eve), closed MonΒ 

Be kind to one another πŸ™‚



Of dolls and children

The long weekend has come and gone. Besides lazing around the house and going for zumba classes, I got to meet a friend of mine on a quick decision to watch a movie (of all places, Vivo City! Too crowded for our liking but we survived). Initially, it was between Wolverine and R.I.P.D…and then, there was The Conjuring. Oh, The Conjuring. Even with me reluctant to watch a horror movie involving dolls and children, we caught it anyway. It’s been a hard decision as to whether I should do a review on it or not, not wanting to unnecessarily spook myself further. So, let’s just talk about the movie without any further research onto it.

The movie, simply put, is about this couple, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are paranormal investigators. It starts off with the screen focused on half of the face of the Annabel doll. Sure, they picked such an innocent name for something so spooky. While staring into her eye for about a minute, and hearing a conversation at the background, the camera moves to actual human beings *phew*. They then proceed to the case behind the doll, followed by a summary of other cases they’ve dealt with.

The Conjuring is mainly about this family with 5 daughters moving to an abandoned house for some peace and quiet. Soon, they find out that they’re not alone in the house and encounter things out of this world. Now, if you’ve watched enough horror movies, you’d know that that’s always a bad thing. Houses remain abandoned for a reason.

I was honestly surprised to see that we still pretty much use the same technology as of the 70s, when it comes to paranormal investigation (watch Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, etc). Well, more advanced definitely, but who would have taught? Or maybe it’s just me.

James Wan, the director, clearly didn’t waste any time to make us squeal and scream though. Another thing that was great about the movie was that there weren’t any fake scares. No black cats making scary sounds or anything of that sort. There was a few injections of laughter, which was greatly appreciated. My friend and I had concluded that it was somewhat of Exorcist blended with Chuckie.

However, it didn’t keep my heart racing as soon as the movie ended but it made everyone leave the hall at the same time. To me, personally, it was scary while watching it but the after-effects would vary from person to person. Who knows? Maybe I’d only get spooked out again if I’m home alone. But I won’t deny the fact that with it being the Hungry Ghosts’ festival now, it did spook me out and I found myself praying all the way till I reached home, relieved that my folks were home too.

Definitely a must-watch though, but not for the faint hearted!
Scare rating for me would be 7/10.

Be kind to one another πŸ™‚



Day’s Adventure: We ended up in Bukit Batok…

It was supposed to be a photography day out with my crazy friend yesterday, and it surprisingly did turn out to be a bit of an adventure for us. No, sadly, we didn’t take as many photos as we wished we did with our DSLRs but we discovered….hold on to your seats…WEST MALL at Bukit Batok!

The day started at Holland Village, where I discovered that it was a pretty boring place in the day (no offence to Holland Villagers). Oh, and we found where Wala-Wala’s is! Like finally! It was a bit of a kill-joy when nobody else was as excited as me though. Even my friends whom I texted were plainly shocked that I have never been to Holland Village. 1) I don’t drink alcohol often, and 2) I wouldn’t travel all the way there for a drink unless I’m driving…but then again, the whole drinking and driving thing is a big no-no. There really is no win-win situation here, someone’s gotta sacrifice (most probably taxi drivers). However, I gotta say that being in Holland Village made me feel like I was sort of back in a part of Melbourne (if you went to the dangerous zone), which to me was great! The atmosphere was a tad of old-school meets modern era. And just to clear things out, I’m not saying Holland Village is a danger zone.

As the day was coming to a close end, we decided to take our adventure to a different level – hopped on the first bus that came to a random bus stop, and ended up in Bukit Batok Interchange. It was ironic as I had previously stated the furthest we’d go was Woodlands, and well, if you’re much more of a Singaporean than I am, you’d know it’s pretty much beyond Woodlands. Pretty crazy stuff. Boarded the MRT and welcomed our 1-hour journey to Raffles Place. The longest I’ve been on the train for a long time. What can I say? I’m a bus person.

Pretty much the entire day was finding for things that was not there – Cotton On in Holland Village and West Mall, followed by Margarita’s in Clarke Quay. On another hand, they might have been there but we missed it by miles. Sometimes, not wanting to use technology can be a bad thing, but hey, we learn. We shouldn’t be slaves to our phones anyway.

But, after all that chaos, we finally rested upon Octapas at Clarke Quay (pretty good play on words since it was a Tapas bar). This was where, however, where the whole “cheap” day came to a bust. Well, deciding on dining at Clarke Quay was already a bad decision. Hahaha, but no regrets! Their bacon wrapped prawns was super delish, though a tad bit too small. They were more like newly born prawns, or prawns that had shrunken so much cos the bacon was suffocating them. Can you imagine that? My imagination gets too crazy for me to understand at times. Moving on, the main course was Valenciana Paella. It was a good blend of salty and sweet, due to the ingredients. Despite the sad size of the prawns on both dishes (yes, I love my prawns), the serving for the paella was way too much for 2 of us, even when we ordered the smaller serving for 2. Maybe it was meant for 2 guys, or 2 very hungry women…hmm…

So, the moral of the story is that even when you could plan for a “cheap” day, make sure to make it foolproof, or you’d end up spending $80+ on a simple dinner despite not spending any cash the entire day. But most importantly, always have fun doing what you do. Always.

Happy job hunting!

Be good to each other πŸ™‚



Reflection: The Honest Truth, Part I

So, it would be a lie to say that the lazy/ procrastination bug has not caught up to me, yet again. I was meant to post something up over last week but honestly don’t remember actually logging on to the computer…or maybe I did. Hmm, it’s getting a tad bit worrying that I can’t remember much of my days any more. I guess that’s what happens when you pretty much go with the flow. Oh, did I tell you that that’s my new motto? “To go with the flow.”

Yes, let’s get to that for a bit. And this does lead to the whole purpose of this post – trust me. Might be a long read ahead! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you now.

I used to be someone that would worry about everything, and make the worst of every small situation. It was not till my recent-ish holiday that I realized the importance of life.

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the phrase, “stop and smell the roses.” Well, I would say that it does pretty much sum up the whole post, however I can’t help but to explain in great detail of how funny life is, and all the unnecessary worries we carry day-to-day without realizing.

Now, we’re all well aware of how stressful life is. But what is the basis of all this stress? What makes us, Singaporeans, to be one of the least happiest people in the world? As much as we fight it, all it takes is a walk around the estate for a reality check. We’re not as polite and friendly as we should be. Even when I smile to a stranger, 9/10 times allΒ I get in return is a weird stare.

Well, we all have our set of problems BUT, BUT are they REALLY worth all the stress? I mean, think about it – you’re risking not only physical attributes (a.k.a wrinkles and eye bags) but it does become a health problem too.

And so, since this is the jobless’ diary – let’s just say that finding a job is one of your biggest stress trigger. Now, the way I see it is that you can continue sitting at home and pray for a miracle to drop down from the sky, or do something about it. However, first, you have to stop expecting to get calls from particular companies, especially if you’re really keen to work for them. Learn to move on, or improve on your resume. Put yourself out there, find people within the same industry and make connections.

How do you improve your resume? Well, while you’re on the job hunt, and you feel that it’s taking longer than expected – it’s always best to learn new things, or brush up old hobbies that could be beneficial for your future. One of the things that I’ve always be intrigued by are languages. Now, being jobless and probably broke and living with your folks (ahem), you might be tight on cash to apply for such classes. But HEY! What’s YouTube for?!

To help you out with it, here are some videos I found that are working for me. Hope it helps!




So, yes, pretty much the moral of this bit of the post is to learn new skills when you can. You never know when you’re gonna need it πŸ™‚

Getting back to the first part where I said “to go with the flow” and to stop stressing so much about everything. Here’s a few tricks that has helped me over the past couple of months when it felt like the hole I was digging was getting deeper (yes, we’ve all been there).

1) Meditate
Now, I’m not saying to go “Om”-ing when you hit the stress peaks. It’s all about simply breathing, letting those shoulders relax and closing your eyes.

Sit on the floor in a quiet room (or if you prefer, around nature) for at least 10 mins, before you start your day. Put your hands on your knees, palms facing the ceiling/ sky. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Drop those shoulders. Let your mind work through all your problems and slowly but persistently, tell them to make way. Push them aside for the remaining of the time. Focus on your breathing. Just empty your mind and feel the positive energy surround you. Bask in it for a while till you’re ready and confident to start your day.

Don’t forget to thank it too, and it’s not necessary to restrict this to a particular time of the day. Take it with you whenever you feel overwhelmed. Most importantly, remember to just breathe,

2) Hearing upbeat, positive songs
Ever heard a dance song and can’t help but to start tapping your feet or fingers to the beat? It’s the same thing when you are feeling down or stressed! We may tend to dwell on it too long, but be a little more optimistic and start hearing songs that will bring about that positivity back into your life. The sun gets to shine everyday, what difference is that to you?

3) Change the people you hang out with…or be the change
Now, I believe we’ve all heard this about a million times – we tend to become like the people we hang around with. So, if you’re hanging around people who are nothing but pessimists, well then…need I say more? Unless you can be the change and help your friends be more positive, you may need to find more optimists in your life.

4) Do something silly now and then
Like dance around your house to Ricky Martin’s She Bangs She Bangs (ok, that was a bit old school but you get the drift), or be like a kid and enjoy the playground. Call your girl friends and play dress up, followed by a tea party. Enjoy a karaoke session while sucking helium out of balloons. Have a flour fight with your cutie, in the pretence of baking a cake.

5) Last, but not least, learn to be happy with everything you have
Not everyone is as lucky as you! Breathe, believe and be positive, everything will work out just great πŸ™‚

Sorry for the extremely long post! Did say it would be a long one earlier, didn’t I? :p

Don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions below.

Be kind to each other. Peace.