December: Day 5

Homosexuality and transgenders has been one of the most hottest debates anywhere, really (besides religion). What is it about this two that makes people so hard to accept? Is it because they don’t fall under our perspective of “normal”? What is “normal” anyway? Just cos they don’t love the opposite sex, which is more “normal”, aka Adam and Eve? Just cos they destroy one’s perspective of masculinity and feminism? Just cos they want to be comfortable in their skin and not feel imprisoned in their own bodies?

It’s funny how we encourage freedom. Freedom of what, exactly? To what extent? Even if we were given all the freedom of the world, would people still change their perspectives and not shun those that are not “normal”? Those weird stares, that hushed comment passed around, that stare of death…you think they don’t have enough? Aren’t they humans still? WHO are YOU to judge? Try putting yourself in their shoes. They go through enough shit just for being who they are already. They don’t need your small mindedness to shun them from society. The world is changing, get with the times.

Day 5: Stop judging.

Be kind to one another 🙂 x


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