Technology vs Life

It’s not my first time talking about this, but I still can’t get over the fact it’s getting worse. We are so glued to our phones, tablets, and whatever other mobile device there is out there.

Even at the dining table with or without company, we have to somehow have our devices with us (truth: I am writing this post while having breakfast alone). I also have a hard time to just leave my phone in my bag while meeting friends for dinner. Sure, if the topic gets dry and boring, that’s sort of acceptable…or is it? Do we possess the inability to be bored these days? What we call “keeping in contact” has actually shut us off from the world.

I’ve seen this many, many times: persons plugged in to their devices, engrossed in their shows while walking in a crowded area during peak periods. I mean, really? C’mon. And don’t even get me started on those that play videos and music out loud on a bus. If you think you’re doing some form of community service, you’re not.

Hah, I feel like a naggy old woman now.

Getting back to the topic…what was it? Oh yes.

There are always pros and cons to almost everything. Fact is that mobile devices have made our lives easier (imagine being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no directions and only a charged phone with connection, or that would be totally redundant too) but it has also been a nuisance (ridding us from the simpler pleasures of life). Remember those times when you were able to just sit in a cafe, enjoy a cuppa coffee and a lovely piece of cake? That first time your tastebuds and fears melted as the flavours filled your mouth, like a firecracker? Or that time when you had a great time with your best bud and didn’t realize you had spent the entire day not looking at your phone? How about a romantic evening that didn’t involve both of you playing on your phones, just basking in love?

If you have had any such experiences recently, great job!
For those that haven’t, go figure.
Don’t let technology wire you up till you’re an emotionless being.

Love & Peace.


Smart phones, Dumb people…cont’d

Please do watch the video in my previous post either before or after reading this, if you haven’t or would like to catch it again.

As I’m doing this post up, I’m on my mobile, on my way to work. Not to mention that I’m also plugged in to my music. I’m equally disconnectedly connected to the world around me. But it’s come to my senses that we spend way too much time on our phones and pads, seeking human contact when we could just strike a conversation with the person beside us. Ok, well not now for me as it would seem crazy talking to empty seats, but you get my drift.

Our brains have been wired so badly that it seems like we can’t live without technology now. I went through the years when phones were only used for calling and plain text messaging, when there were always a pay phone around every block (speaking of which, I haven’t seen one in ages). To be honest, if I were to use such a phone now, I think I’d freak at the limited connection now. However, times were more simpler when things were black & white.

Look around you while in a public space. People are just going about their individual lives, scared to connect to strangers. People have not gotten any friendlier but more stressed out. I miss those days when I could walk down a new street and people would greet with a smile. Now, all you see are frowns and wrinkles. Haha!

Honestly, technology is great. I’m pro it, but have we taken it in too much that we have become robots?
It won’t hurt if we started acting like humans again, and that’s all I’m saying.

Do share your thoughts below.

Love & peace.


Smart phones. Dumb people.


Here’s a video that really points out what I’m so greatly disturbed about for months. Everywhere I go, I see people glued to their mobile devices. I won’t say that I’m not a victim too, cos that would be a lie. But how many times in a day do you just disconnect from what we call “social” and actually just be social? How social can it get if it’s not face to face? Even when we’re hanging out with friends or family, we’re constantly looking at our phones for distraction. What has become to the days that we were not so distracted?