The Pressure.

The reason why I don’t blog as much is as such –
I started this blog as an escape from reality, a place I can speak my mind while hiding my face (not hiding the fact that I’m a bit of a coward). I never expected to reach this many readers, which I’m truly grateful for. It’s been a couple of years and it’s like seeing my seeds of labour and tears grow. I’m not sure if I’ve said the right things when you need it. I’m not sure if you’ve learnt from my mistakes. I’m not sure if you’ve laughed as much as I have. For what it’s worth, we are all on similar journeys of life. And I thank you for making me a part of yours.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben from Spiderman

I tend to put tons of pressure on myself when I shouldn’t. I go mad thinking of what blog stories should I write, if I’d get any likes, if I’d get more followers, etc. Truth is, it happens in all aspects of life…and probably to everyone. I had a time in my life that I couldn’t care less about what people said about me, I spoke my mind and didn’t ignore the consequences. I was truly free back then. So what happened? How did I get back into someone that listened to others telling me how I should live my life and what I should and should not do?

Why do all of us care about others so much? This undying thirst to be approved by others have lead us to being nothing but slaves to others. Plastic surgery, extreme weight loss programmes, getting the latest gadgets – all of these are triggered by what the public forces down our throats, and we are just taking chock fulls of arsenic like it’s our daily diet. I look around and can easily say that most of us have lost our identities.

Changing our hair colour, eye colour, natural beauty, kids with latest phones and tablets – the list goes on and on.  What are we feeding ourselves and our children? Are we saying that we should never be happy with what we have? Are we pressured into always thinking that we need other’s approval and jealousy to make ourselves feel better?

Haha! How I’ve ventured off into the depths of the topic from a simple statement. Months of storing it has finally been let out. And like I said, my identity is covered. I could be the one beside you while typing this out.

Love & Peace.


Tales of the busy procrastinator of a 20-something.

I should change my blog to the title as above and never post anything. Haha!

As I transition to a new job scope and handling the rush that comes with Christmas by preparing hand-made hampers for our clients, I have very much abandoned posting on my blog for a long while. It’s been very tiring on my body that I even forgotten about the German lessons I’m taking on duolingo (and that only requires 10 minutes of my day!) My body has gone through so much of internal conflict that I feel sorry for it. -hugs myself-

What’s the point in pushing your body to the limit continuously? It’ll get back to you in disastrous ways. I have had indigestion, cold and sore throat over the last 2 weeks. Not to mention that when we get worked up, our body tends to want to take in anything sugary. It’s good to treat yourself sometimes but stress eating is not good (ask anyone about it – but we would still do it).

I honestly have no idea what this post is about. Haha just random ramblings.

Moral of the story: Stop stressing about things. Leave work to work. Give your body sufficient rest, even if you feel you don’t need it. Treat your body as another person, a loved one. Drink loads of water. Enjoy nature during lunch.
And most importantly, Christmas is the season of giving but you don’t need to stress about expensive things. Give your time. Give your presence. Help someone in need.

Love & Peace.


Sometimes And Always.

It’s hard being a writer. It’s not always easy to have ideas every time and it’s annoying when you think you have something to say but when you’re about to pen it down, your mind wipes blank. But then again, this is my pride. This is my soul I give to you, with every post. I didn’t mean to have so many followers when I started this, and for all of you, I’m eternally grateful.

Now, the best way to feel good about yourself is actually simpler than what we know or think. The fact is you’ve probably heard it a million times too.

Move away from negative people. Stop stressing over the little things. Don’t overthink. Exercise. Be thankful.

The list goes on, really. And I’m gonna say just that. All of the above are true and exactly what you should be doing daily. We’re fast growing into a robot-like world where everyone is tied up to a phone or tablet (I’m guilty as I’m typing this post out on my phone while on my way home), but why has that stopped us from living life and being happy with ourselves?

I shall end with a quote by someone famous, whom I can’t remember the name of (I’m sincerely sorry),

Don’t live to exist. Exist to live.

P/s: If you know who said this, please let me know! Thank you!

Love & Peace.