The Definition Of: Life?

This thought has been constantly bugging me lately. 

A child is born into the world as a free spirit with tons of different paths to take. We, as parents or guardians, nurture and teach them. As they grow older, we feed them with our beliefs and dreams. From school to work, they are expected to become adults in almost a blink of an eye. Nobody told us this is how life ends up like, whether or not we like it. Responsibilities are slowly dumped on us by society’s standards. What started as a sweet journey mostly ends up in a fight of survival with finances and expectations. 

Who set this path? Were we all suppose to end up this way? 

It saddens me more when we have become a people who is so afraid to smile to strangers. The world has become so hostile. Perhaps it’s because I’m living in the city and living standards are high. 

My mind has become a big ball of blur now. This routine-like life is taking a toll on me. 

Am I alone? 



I look in the mirror
And staring right at me is someone I do not know.
Who is this person?
How did I change into being so insecure?

I look in the mirror
Telling myself that I am beautiful but
As I walk away,
I turn around with nothing but doubt
Written on my face.

I look in the mirror
Practicing smiles and laughter
Only to feel the need to cover up my
Real feelings.

I look in the mirror
Wanting to be who I really am
But feeling stuck
Feeling pulled by my own shadow
To stay this way

I look in the mirror
And pray for a better tomorrow.

Love & Peace.


Breaking Media.

Many a times, we are highly influenced by the media around us. Now, I say “many a times” when I actually mean every time, no matter how much we can fight it. Have you ever asked yourself why are some things deemed more acceptable than others, or what makes this more attractive than the others?

Media is a powerful tool that can be used as both the devil and the angel. I believe I have touched this on a past post, but I can’t stress how hard the media has a MASSIVE impact on our lives.

Today, I would like to touch on something that is close to me: The Fashion Industry. Before I continue, I’d like to point out that I love the fashion industry but what I can’t stand by is the deadly impact it has on young minds. We are all aware of how bone thin the industry loves their models to be. Despite having a season of plus-size models walking famous runways, it soon went back to square 1. As a student, I was deeply peeved off and I still am. I’ve read my fair share of fashion magazines, studied them, worked with some of the local publications to say that even though there’s always a section of how to love your body, it’s still rare to non-existent to see regular sized models on the spreads. The closest would be the popular faces gracing the covers.

With that said, I won’t say that the bone thin models are aliens (they could be) to be that skinny. They’re still humans and we all know some people have high metabolism.

But what about the message we’re sending to our young and the impressionable? I have found myself sometimes wishing I was skinnier and prettier when flipping through magazines and watching TV. We are always constantly being sold this idea of “perfection” that it makes us almost impossible to love our bodies for what it is, just cos we are always just not that good enough.

It’s a torturous cycle. I would lie to say it doesn’t affect me still, but at least I’m smarter and stronger now to diss those thoughts.

This idea of perfection has to stop. It’s getting old and boring. The new trend should be enjoying your body for what it is. After all, if you really want to lose that extra weight, isn’t it better to love your body for putting through the vigorous regimes you’re gonna dump at it?

Just saying.

Love & Peace.


Try Something New.

Every now and then, we are always craving for new experiences. That’s how we learn, no? Something worth talking about to our friends and family too. An expansion to our knowledge.

Yes, there a billion things we can do and some cost more than others (not all of us can afford to own a helicopter or climb Mount Everest).

There’s this new awareness thing in town. Alright, new probably isn’t the word as it’s on for years but the public has started picking it up only over the past few years. This experience is called “dining in the dark”. Experience having a meal as a blind person, void of colours and having to rely solely on touch and taste (and hearing if you’re having chips).

I did my own DIY experience. It would have been more effective if I didn’t personally lay out my plate with my eyes open. Then again, I can’t afford to make so much of a mess or I would be yelled at. Anyway, getting back – I closed my eyes as I had my first bite and for the entire meal. I found myself feeling around the plate for the vegetables and rice. Every morsel I had was exhilarating. The best parts of the entire meal was how the soft, fried cubes of tofu broke apart as I bite into it and how the fish melted in my mouth. I had something crunchy too, which I’m assuming was garlic.

Now, it was a different experience for me but I won’t call myself an expert as to how the blind live. I wouldn’t know what I’d do without any one of my senses. As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” is incredibly true.

For those out there that has faced a sudden drastic change in their lives, I wish you all the strength and perseverance for the present and future.

Little bits of such experiences teaches me (and I hope you) that we should be grateful for the gifts we have in our lives. There’s no such thing as a bad life, only a bad day, and that too can be changed.

And the last note for the day, you don’t need to spend tons of money on new experiences. Think outside the box the next time you want to do something different!

Love & Peace.