On the 21st September, it has been called Peace Day. A day of non-violence, forgiveness and acceptance. A day that should be more than just one day, but also holds hope for a better, non-violent future for the young if they know this is possible.

As a start, who would you want to apologize to? Who would you want to make peace with today? It doesn’t matter if you’ve been wronged, if it wasn’t your fault. All that matters is that you let go of that hurt and hatred, forgive and accept forgiveness. Love. Move on. Life is far more important than to live with a burden in our hearts.

I seek forgiveness for my wrongdoings and for the times that I let my emotions get over my head, covering up my better judgements.

Seek peace with yourself and others today.

To find out more about Peace Day, click on this link: Today is #PeaceDay

Love & Peace.


Tell Me.

Hi there!
As I’m embarking on a new challenge (quitting my job), I would like to hear from you guys.
My next plan is to start on an abandoned mission, due to personal reasons. What is it? I’m glad you asked.
It’s basically to help people gain self-esteem in all sorts of way. I can’t really dish out everything I’m planning though…I hope you understand.
But I want to know – is this a viable step? Would YOU want to challenge yourself to be the very best you can?
If you could be so kind, please do leave some tips on my comments section, or simply tell me if you would be interested in this mission.
Thank you!

Love & Peace.