Every morning, I will tell myself to breath. Not simply for the sake of living, but breath so that it goes through my whole body. Fill it up.

I will tell myself to exhale slowly. Not simply for the sake of making it a full cycle, but to let the toxic thoughts out. Let it out. 

Just like breathing, I will tell myself to smile.

And with that hope, it will get easier as days go by so I won’t have to remind myself every time. 

Love & Hope.



A teacher asked her class, “Write down what you want to be when you grow up.”
“I want to be a fireman.”
“I want to be a doctor.”
“I want to be a teacher.,

“I want to be happy.”
Upon reading that, the teacher looked up and said, “I think you misunderstood what my question was…”
“No,” said the child, “if I can’t be happy, I won’t be successful.”

Last night, my mum’s friend came over. She was asking about my job and what the company I work in does. As I explained to her and told her the different roles I’ve done, she looked to my mum and said, “your daughter is so successful. Why worry?”

Now, that made me leap as the first thought that came to my mind was, “am I being judged by my position in terms of whether I am successful or not?” Truth is, if you’ve understood the moral of the above story, success derives from being happy. The sad truth is that people fail to remember that.

We race, or sprint towards the next IT thing. Always wanting to top someone else or feeling judged by others if you so much as, God forbid, not get that latest gadget/car/bag/phone/shoes/invisible clothes/real clothes, etc. Do they bring you true happiness or just a false impression of it?

We are so busy running after a fantasy of life when really, all you have to do to live is to relax and enjoy the little things. So, the next time you see a family being busy with their phones and iPads, please do smack them…well, not literally, wouldn’t want you getting sued cos of me. You get my point, I hope.

Live. Laugh. Love.


A year wiser.

I’ve always been a firm believer of age not being a huge deal, as long as we are always comfortable with ourselves. Always. If you can’t stand being with yourself, how can anyone else?

That aside, as I turn a year older (only by age), I have never been so happy! Especially to turn older. Haha! Makes me feel in love with myself, honestly. Wow. I’ve never really said that to myself a lot. I’m in love with myself. I’m in love with myself. Holy crap! I’m in love with myself!
Now, I’m not egoistic but c’mon, if you can’t love yourself, who can? He he.

Let me begin by saying that no, I’m not living a fairy tale life nor do I have a Prince Charming. Nope, I have problems and worries and financial crisis like every other person on earth. But why am I so happy? Could it be the honeymoon season with myself? Possibly. I never want this to end.

So, my dear readers, as a new year awaits me, it does you too. Every day is a new chance to live, love, and forgive. There’s a time for everything.

But let every day be the day that you fall in love with yourself again, and all over again. That’s my wish for you.

Be kind to one another 🙂 x