Tell Me.

Hi there!
As I’m embarking on a new challenge (quitting my job), I would like to hear from you guys.
My next plan is to start on an abandoned mission, due to personal reasons. What is it? I’m glad you asked.
It’s basically to help people gain self-esteem in all sorts of way. I can’t really dish out everything I’m planning though…I hope you understand.
But I want to know – is this a viable step? Would YOU want to challenge yourself to be the very best you can?
If you could be so kind, please do leave some tips on my comments section, or simply tell me if you would be interested in this mission.
Thank you!

Love & Peace.


The Love You Have.

It only takes one mean remark to make someone crumble.
It takes the same energy to show love, but you get double the energy for it.
So why are people choosing to be mean?

We’re all humans. We will blow up from time to time. What we fail to remember is that everyone has their own problems. Nobody was born with none.

Some problems are just bigger than what we can handle singlehandedly. Does that we should give up? Does that mean we should just go on with our lives and turn a blind eye to them? I hope not.

We fail to realize that despite race, religion, sexual orientation and colour, we’re all the same underneath.

We can be so mean sometimes even when no words are exchanged. From our deathly stares to how we chose to switch seats to acting like “different” people are contagious – why do we prefer to cause hurt to people?

Teaching children with special needs, I’ve heard a few stories of how these kids are dissed in our “normal” world.
Having homosexual friends, I’ve heard of how people act like it’s a disease.
Looking from afar, I’ve seen how construction workers and transgenders have been shunned from society too.

We speak of love for each other – but does that love come with terms and conditions?

Love & Peace.


When purpose is defeated.

I’m no stranger to online dating apps. But what happens when you’re sold into a web of lies and hurt?
This is my recent experience, and like many people, I never thought it’d happen to me.

I have always tried to see the best in people, which have made me somewhat gullible at times. My recent encounter with someone I met on a dating site has never been so disgusting and hurtful. On the other hand, I’m glad I found out the truth before things went too far.

He was charming, down-to-earth, hilarious, witty, kind and pretty generous. Though looks weren’t all there, he still seemed to be quite the perfect package. And ‘sides, looks fade but humour doesn’t.

We had contacted a year before, but somehow stopped after a while till I went back on the app. So, after a week or 2, we met for dinner. And a week after, for a movie and ice cream. Nothing fancy, agreed on keeping things simple and see where it leads. Now, we texted everyday and he acted so well like a single adult man. Naturally, I would try to google/ search Facebook for the person I’m
dating after the second or third date. So, to my horror, he turned out to be married and has a baby!

It’s only been a few days since I found out so I’m in the midst of feeling angsty, wanting to punch someone or scream vulgarities or downing a bottle of vodka. I’ll emphasize that not many are as lucky as I am, to have found out this early. But it’s just disgusting that when he was confronted, he had tons of silly excuses. Not to mention, putting himself as single on a dating app, and all that flirting. I can only pray that he has learnt his mistake or his wife finds out soon.

It may not seem like much, since we didn’t do anything except 2 harmless dates. But can you really put a label on the lies that have caused hurt and disgust?

Dating apps are good to find new friends and meet different people from all walks of life, but sadly, it’s also a way for people to cheat on their partners. So, please, I urge all my readers – use it with caution. The world is becoming less honest as we know it, but we still need to keep our spirits high.

Have a story to share? Kindly email thevacantspot@gmail.com or see my previous posts for more details.

Love & Peace.


This is hard for me to say. It’s actually very hard for me to even admit it to myself, but I know I will have to go through this soon.

I’ve so much red on my ledger, caused so much pain to others in my past that sometimes, I feel like it’s pay back time. 
People see me as someone who has self-confidence, always jovial…but what they don’t see are the nights I spend crying myself to sleep, and the pain that I’m quietly suffering with. My demons are growing bigger, leading me to dwell in sadness and anger at times. And it’s normally times like these that it gets hard to smile and see the bright side of life. 

I’m not so open about this, but I do regret some of my past choices – we all do – but one more so than anything else. It still hurts to think if I caused so much pain to that person? Am I where I am for that bad choice? It was a relationship not meant to be, but at the same time, it was something that was precious. Was it the way it ended that I am dealt with the cards as such, now? It’s been almost 5 years now, and the pain still hurts me to date.

At nights, I feel lonely and all out of love to give. With a house filled with nothing but silence and anger, what was once my sanctuary became my cage. I find myself questioning when will I get my break? 

There’s also the constant realization that I’m getting no where closer to my dream. In fact, I just don’t know where to start. I’m 24. They say I’m still young, but when you’re so far off the tracks of your dream, it’s just a winding tunnel and right now, I’m on a standstill. 

I feel like I’m undergoing depression, or just really low self-worth now. I don’t know. All I can feel is sadness within and sometimes, it’s not enough to hide it with smiles and laughter. It’s been hard to write positive notes for a while, and I’m only human. But, hey, nothing time can’t heal…

My problems are not as big as others, but for those that feel the same out there, you’re not alone. 
We’ll make it through.

Love & peace.


Smart phones, Dumb people…cont’d

Please do watch the video in my previous post either before or after reading this, if you haven’t or would like to catch it again.

As I’m doing this post up, I’m on my mobile, on my way to work. Not to mention that I’m also plugged in to my music. I’m equally disconnectedly connected to the world around me. But it’s come to my senses that we spend way too much time on our phones and pads, seeking human contact when we could just strike a conversation with the person beside us. Ok, well not now for me as it would seem crazy talking to empty seats, but you get my drift.

Our brains have been wired so badly that it seems like we can’t live without technology now. I went through the years when phones were only used for calling and plain text messaging, when there were always a pay phone around every block (speaking of which, I haven’t seen one in ages). To be honest, if I were to use such a phone now, I think I’d freak at the limited connection now. However, times were more simpler when things were black & white.

Look around you while in a public space. People are just going about their individual lives, scared to connect to strangers. People have not gotten any friendlier but more stressed out. I miss those days when I could walk down a new street and people would greet with a smile. Now, all you see are frowns and wrinkles. Haha!

Honestly, technology is great. I’m pro it, but have we taken it in too much that we have become robots?
It won’t hurt if we started acting like humans again, and that’s all I’m saying.

Do share your thoughts below.

Love & peace.


Smart phones. Dumb people.


Here’s a video that really points out what I’m so greatly disturbed about for months. Everywhere I go, I see people glued to their mobile devices. I won’t say that I’m not a victim too, cos that would be a lie. But how many times in a day do you just disconnect from what we call “social” and actually just be social? How social can it get if it’s not face to face? Even when we’re hanging out with friends or family, we’re constantly looking at our phones for distraction. What has become to the days that we were not so distracted?