Media in Focus.

Following up with my previous post of Colbie Caillat’s music video, has it changed our views on ourselves yet? It certainly has for me. To begin with, I hate wearing too much make up. The most I put is just foundation powder and a glossy lip gloss on for the day. I know some, or most of us, are used to wearing make up on a daily basis that stopping seems impossible as it’s already a ritual of sorts. But when you dig in to the root of why you even started caking yourself, was it peer pressure? Was it cos media says that make up makes you beautiful, and without it, you’re not worth it?

Take note of how fashion magazines portray the “natural look”. What’s so natural when you’re still applying layers of make up to look polished? Contradictory? I think so.

I stress, again, how media has a bigger hold on us than we think. It’s constantly saying “Hey, if you don’t have this, you won’t be good/ beautiful/ fast, etc.” But then again, can we do without media? No. Yet, it doesn’t mean you get brainwashed just by what media portrays beauty to be.

And people out there, beauty is not defined by face or clothes’ value, but by that genuine smile, that tinkle in your eyes, the soft touch from your heart.


Love & Peace 🙂 x

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