I Love Me.

Those are the words you should tell yourself every second, every minute, every day. “I love me”, cos if you don’t, who else will?

I’ve been through a rough few weeks of angst behaviors with all the negative thoughts I keep in my head, mainly from work and family. Recently, I went to Bangkok and it really couldn’t be at a better time. That time away from everything got me to be more grounded within myself. I managed to have some time to myself every morning for meditation and a few minutes of exercise before breakfast, before my travel buddy woke up. I got the luxury of lazing around and not do anything. Yes, I was a bit crazy to bring along some study material but it was always at the same place that I left it till departure – the coffee table. Haha!

Anyway, back to the subject. In times of stress and rush, and especially with all the noise in the world, it’s good to find some quiet time for yourself. Each and every one of us are born differently. There’s no just one type of beauty – which is really not the photoshopped images media portrays everywhere. Begin to love the small things about yourself, perhaps from the way your mouth curves when you smile or the way you laugh or the way your hair is so camera ready (like, where’s the gush of wind when you need it?)…you get the drift. Always starts from the smaller things. Say something nice about yourself to the mirror EVERY DAY.
Hint: It’s also a good way of keeping fit for a longer time. The more confident you are about yourself, the more you’re able to keep out.

And just cos the world could use a bit more love, and a lot less hatred.
Think about it.

Love & Peace.


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