Because it’s a beautiful day…

As I forced myself out of bed today, peeling from the warm covers into a cold morning’s curse, I had the most annoying song in my head – Friday by Rebecca Black. Ironically, it got me smiling for a while because well, it’s Friday and who doesn’t love Fridays? Even though I am gonna be working throughout my weekend, there’s something about Fridays that should be kept magical, hey?

I started looking up at the clouds again today, and smiling even though at times, it felt forced. What was different? I started being grateful. Grateful for the skies above. Grateful for the people around. Grateful for the birds flying in the sky. Grateful for my sight so that I was able to see all of this. Grateful for everything.

I won’t deny that there were moments in today that I felt like strangling annoying clients, whack my head on the wall dealing with plumbing problems, masking a heart attack at the amount of paperwork – I won’t, but I am grateful I have a job, colleagues whom I can count on, laugh with and who listens to my continuous rambling of story after story.

Thank you.


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