December: Day 16

It’s funny how one song, one memory, a hope for something better can change an entire moment to a day! I’m super addicted to The Wanted like never before (don’t you think that ALL of them are gorgeous? Max George, especially, for me…mmmm.) Woke up with a smile as it is, and having heard their song “We Own The Night” playing on radio just got me super high. Am absolutely in love with it now! (I kind of said it in a British accent in my head.)

Anyway! Day 16 is back with happiness 🙂
Day 16: Be thankful for the little things.

Be kind to one another 🙂 x


December: day 15

No doubt we should love – forgive and forget, but don’t become someone’s fool. We’re all humans, nobody deserves the right to take advantage of us.
Give your heart but keep it guarded too.


December: Day 11

As Christmas is soon approaching (only 13 more days! OMG!), we’re all rushing to get that gorgeous dress or drool-worthy suit and tie, to getting presents for our loved ones. Can you believe I haven’t even started?!

Yes, we spend more money during this time of the year compared to any other time. However, let’s not forget those that don’t have the luxury of buying or receiving gifts. Think of the poor orphaned children. Think of the homeless. Think of the victims of violence, sex trafficking, natural disasters. Think of all those disadvantaged.

Honestly, I’m one of those who stress out about my Christmas budget as the list of loved ones keeps growing year by year. Not to mention, if there’s birthdays during the month too. Yes, we all want to gift something. Be remembered. Show someone we care. But there’s really no need for extravagant gifts. Why not donate money to charities under your loved ones’ names? Or buy items from stores that give the earnings to those charities? Or simply organize a small outing to an independent organization to spend time with them? Everybody needs love.

Day 11: Money is not everything. Give the gift of time and love.

Be kind to one another 🙂


December: Day 10

Believe it or not, I get bad days too. After a long weekend off work (yes, not so much of jobless now), returning to a pile of paperwork and drama from chasing for payments…it was nice to meet a close friend for dinner and laughs, loads of it. Doesn’t hurt to do some window retail therapy too 🙂

Even though today didn’t quite start the way I wanted, I realized that there’s really no point in being upset about something so small. And like I’ve said many times, some things are out of our control. A lecturer of mine once told me these wise words, with which I shall leave you for day 10.

Day 10: If you can’t change what’s happening around you, change your perspectives. And always try your best.

I know this sounds repeated, and it is. It doesn’t take one day to change anything about ourselves because we’ve been leaving our lives in such a way. Keep changing for the better till it becomes a habit, something natural.

Btw, just cos it was a day off from blogging yesterday, hope it wasn’t an excuse for you to not do something good!

Be kind to one another 🙂 x


December: Day 8

A little late on today’s post but I did not forget! Caught Disney’s Frozen which was a great holiday movie with great ethics taught. Not gonna ruin it, but it brings about day 8’s to do 🙂

P/s: Certainly highly encourage you to go watch either with your little ones or friends and family. Disney never disappoints any age group.

Day 8: Family is key. You won’t get any other.

Be kind to one another 🙂 x