December: Day 22

Ohmygawd! It’s the Eve of the Eve of the Eve of Christmas! Aka THREE more days to Christmas!

Did some last minute shopping in town yesterday, which really did test my patience. Why? Cos SOME people just LOVE to walk extremely slow in a crowded area, holding other people back. Not only that, they took up the whole walkway with their slug-like movements. I mean, c’mon!
Ok, breathe.

So, for today and the next few days if any of you are going to do the crazy stunt of shopping last minute, I do BEG of you to simply walk at a decent fast speed, or just give way to others behind who might be rushing to go first.
Stop using your phone unless you’re stationery. Stop acting like you own the mall, road, walkway, etc. Stop multi-tasking when you know it slows you down.

It could help someone in need, you never know. When you stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about others, you learn to spread happiness and joy. Now, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Not only is it the birth of Jesus Christ, but the celebration of seeing God in each one of us as we’re all his creations – no exceptions.

Take this time to also donate some money, be it under your friends’ name or just for yourself. There’s so many charities and organizations out there, some more in need than others.

Most importantly, be kind to others 🙂 x

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