December: Day 18

Being one week away from Christmas, I was reminded about how our past hurts can still cause a deep pain within us. A technique to help ease this pain has helped me with mine and I hope that it will help you with yours too. It is by the authors of The Tools. I’m really bad with names but it was written by 2 authors.

Day 18: Active Love
Take a deep breathe in, close your eyes. Exhale slowly. Now, think of one person that has caused you pain. Your brain will tend to wander about at this point, but remember you’re in control of your thoughts.
See that person stand in front of you. Take another deep breathe in.
Now, the hard part comes – as you exhale, exhale out love and peace onto that person. Do it a few times till you feel a burden lightened up on you. Feel yourself transferring love onto that person.
Open your eyes and if you don’t feel any different, try it again. If you do, congrats!

Be kind to one another 🙂 x


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