Day’s Adventure: We ended up in Bukit Batok…

It was supposed to be a photography day out with my crazy friend yesterday, and it surprisingly did turn out to be a bit of an adventure for us. No, sadly, we didn’t take as many photos as we wished we did with our DSLRs but we discovered….hold on to your seats…WEST MALL at Bukit Batok!

The day started at Holland Village, where I discovered that it was a pretty boring place in the day (no offence to Holland Villagers). Oh, and we found where Wala-Wala’s is! Like finally! It was a bit of a kill-joy when nobody else was as excited as me though. Even my friends whom I texted were plainly shocked that I have never been to Holland Village. 1) I don’t drink alcohol often, and 2) I wouldn’t travel all the way there for a drink unless I’m driving…but then again, the whole drinking and driving thing is a big no-no. There really is no win-win situation here, someone’s gotta sacrifice (most probably taxi drivers). However, I gotta say that being in Holland Village made me feel like I was sort of back in a part of Melbourne (if you went to the dangerous zone), which to me was great! The atmosphere was a tad of old-school meets modern era. And just to clear things out, I’m not saying Holland Village is a danger zone.

As the day was coming to a close end, we decided to take our adventure to a different level – hopped on the first bus that came to a random bus stop, and ended up in Bukit Batok Interchange. It was ironic as I had previously stated the furthest we’d go was Woodlands, and well, if you’re much more of a Singaporean than I am, you’d know it’s pretty much beyond Woodlands. Pretty crazy stuff. Boarded the MRT and welcomed our 1-hour journey to Raffles Place. The longest I’ve been on the train for a long time. What can I say? I’m a bus person.

Pretty much the entire day was finding for things that was not there – Cotton On in Holland Village and West Mall, followed by Margarita’s in Clarke Quay. On another hand, they might have been there but we missed it by miles. Sometimes, not wanting to use technology can be a bad thing, but hey, we learn. We shouldn’t be slaves to our phones anyway.

But, after all that chaos, we finally rested upon Octapas at Clarke Quay (pretty good play on words since it was a Tapas bar). This was where, however, where the whole “cheap” day came to a bust. Well, deciding on dining at Clarke Quay was already a bad decision. Hahaha, but no regrets! Their bacon wrapped prawns was super delish, though a tad bit too small. They were more like newly born prawns, or prawns that had shrunken so much cos the bacon was suffocating them. Can you imagine that? My imagination gets too crazy for me to understand at times. Moving on, the main course was Valenciana Paella. It was a good blend of salty and sweet, due to the ingredients. Despite the sad size of the prawns on both dishes (yes, I love my prawns), the serving for the paella was way too much for 2 of us, even when we ordered the smaller serving for 2. Maybe it was meant for 2 guys, or 2 very hungry women…hmm…

So, the moral of the story is that even when you could plan for a “cheap” day, make sure to make it foolproof, or you’d end up spending $80+ on a simple dinner despite not spending any cash the entire day. But most importantly, always have fun doing what you do. Always.

Happy job hunting!

Be good to each other 🙂


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