Part I: Cheap ideas for a day/evening out

I’m starting from what’s coming off my mind right now, so I shall apologize in advance if the list is rather short. It’s all about using your imagination when money is not readily available for you. Some of the ideas are pretty old-school, as you will see when you continue reading. Let’s start rolling!


  • A trip to the movies* and a walk by the many parks in Singapore/ Sentosa (perfect for evening dates).
  • While you’re at Sentosa, check out Songs of the Sea for its breathtaking visual effects and fireworks. Tickets are priced at S$12-S$15.
  • Museum trips (most are free for citizens/PRs – if you’re otherwise, please do visit the respective sites).
  • Take a walk down memory lane along Sentosa, Fort Canning Park, Little India, Chinatown, Haw Par Villa, Geylang Serai, etc. Ever tried being in the shoes of a tourist for a day? It’s fun! Just grab a camera and a few brochures, and head out! Food** around those areas are not expensive too, unless you dine in a restaurant.
  • Help the needy. Volunteer your services. It’s always good to give back 🙂
  • Stay-at-home movie marathons. Invite your friends over, get some snacks or do a pot-luck party while you’re at it! This never gets boring no matter how old you are.


I’m actually pretty smitten by Sentosa recently, honestly. There are tons of things to do and you can find the whole line up on their site @

*For money’s worth, I’d suggest good action movies rather than other light genres as there’s really no need to watch them on the big screen. Some things can wait. Also, watching a movie on a weekday (especially Tuesdays) is cheaper than weekends.

**Will be covering some of the awesome cheap food around soon! Stay tuned!

Till next time! Stay safe and remember to leave comments/ suggestions for more cheap ways to spend a day, or affordable food places!



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